Granite and Gravel

Spring Tides Poetry Group

Dissolution Meeting

26 October 2011 at Belmont Cinema Bar

Present: Mark Pithie, Roger Barnett, Keith Murray, Sheila Reid, Grant Fraser and Valerie Irvine-Fortescue.

Apologies: Jim Wilson, Alasdair Gordon, Andrew Gordon.

It was decided that due to the lack of attendance through recent months, the lack of funding and a proper place to meet, that we would dissolve the group.

It was agreed that the remaining funds from the group account, namely the sum of £110.72 would be paid to Malfranteaux Concepts for the furtherance of Keith Murray's publication of poetry chapbooks.

It was also agreed that some of the people in the group would still meet in the Belmont Cinema Bar to discuss and criticise one another's work.

This would be on a strictly informal basis and not under the banner of Spring Tides Poetry Group.

I also undertook to close the bank account and to inform Alisdair Gordon who was nominally the treasurer of the group.

Mark Pithie
Chair: Spring Tides Poetry Group
1 November 2011

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