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The Strawberry Garden

Book signing with Michael William Molden

Saturday 22 May 2010
Better Read Books
18 Ythan Terrace, Ellon AB41 9LJ

Admission free

Promoted by Better Read Books

Local author Michael William Molden launched his debut novel To Save My Father's Soul six years ago at Better Read Books. Now he is back in Ellon to sign copies of his latest novel The Strawberry Garden.

Michael William Molden

The Strawberry Garden tells the story of Richard Deacon, a man whose single-minded determination, bordering on obsession, gained him everything a man could wish for. However his relentless pursuit of financial success cost him his marriage and estranged his only son. His business dealings take him to France and there he meets by chance a penniless deaf gypsy boy. Over time he begins to realise that his wealth means nothing at all without friendship and love. When his unlikely relationship with the boy comes under the scrutiny of the local authority and becomes the subject of growing gossip he is forced to make a decision. Does he risk everything he has taken a lifetime to build to maintain his relationship with the boy or does he turn his back and walk away?

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